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„ДЕЛТАПРОЕКТ – КОНСТРУКЦИИ ОТ СТОМАНА И БЕТОН“ ЕООД е фирма с основна дейност- проектиране на сгради и съоръжения. Водеща цел пред екипа е предоставяне на качествени проектантски услуги, гарантиращи дълготрайност, рационалност и икономичност на носещата конструкция. Проектните решения са съобразени със заданието на инвеститора, действащите нормативни уредби и съвременните тенден- ции в областта на строителното проектиране.


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  • Ken Weary
    Ken Weary
    a year ago

    A well stocked and well maintained store. It is the perfect place to find the sporting equipment and accessories for practically any sport. While it is not the highest quality gear it will surprise you. The value to quality ratio is very high. We buy a lot of sports equipment here. They also have clean bathrooms and ample parking as well as a basketball/football court that bored kids can play on while their parents shop.

  • Savina Bogoeva
    Savina Bogoeva
    7 months ago

    A favourite place! We as a family often visit this mega shop as we have an active life! Go, you' ll find what you need and many fresh ideas you never thought of. Here's an outfit I recently bought from there. Very comfi!

  • Vela Popadic
    Vela Popadic
    3 months ago

    Had too many handicap parking spots. And the entrance was a bit confusing. It is a well stocked store but it didn't have some things that were available online.

  • Vili Atanasova
    Vili Atanasova
    3 months ago

    We went on Saturday night and it was really crowded. We found what we were looking for easily. When I went to pay I found that they added a couple of self check-out desks. I was very pleasantly surprised by that. Checking the items by myself was very easy, and so was paying.

  • Kwame Obroni
    Kwame Obroni
    a month ago

    A man working here needs a raise!!!! I came and ask for advice about fishing, and how to start as a beginner. Two people from the staff called their colleague specialized in fishing, and I thinking this guy is the nicest and kindest man I've ever seen working in Bulgaria. He explained me everything about fishing, recommended me all the pieces of equipment, and even took the time to review everything like it were for his son. Thanks again to him, and extremely pleasant experience!


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