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„ЕРИА“ ЕООД е геодезическа фирма, основните дейности на която са геодезическото заснемане и трасиране, дейностите по кадастъра и изработването на част „Геодезическа“ на инвестиционните проекти за изграждането на сгради и съоръжения, изпълнявани от геодезисти с голям опит и познания в тези области.

Много и различни може да са причините за необходимостта Ви от геодезически услуги.

Геодезически дейности са необходими в огромния брой от случаите на инвестиционно проектиране, устройствено планиране и процеса на създаване и поддържане на кадастъра.Всички теми


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  • Bobby Kolev
    Bobby Kolev
    a year ago

    I found them on the Internet and contacted them by mail about plotting properties - fields. I got a reply I think the same day and most of the replies I got from the company were within an hour or two. I sent photos of old sketches and it turned out that for one of the properties there was a change as a result of consolidation under paragraph 16, which also affects my property. I am not well acquainted with the procedure and 2 weeks later, after contacts with lawyers, the municipality and others, it strikes me that the brief summary I received from the surveyor company was the most concise and informative piece of information I have received so far on the case . And only in my role as a potential client. The price they were asking for tracing was absolutely acceptable - to be honest it seemed low to me - but to be honest we haven't done it yet because I've been focusing on the problem property and neglecting others. But when I get there I will come back here because I liked what I saw. This is how you should talk to potential customers - short, clear and where possible and necessary with a little more information. Congratulations!

  • Петко Петков


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